2021 winners of the "Talents'Academy" E2S UPPA grants


2021 winners of the “Talents’ Academy” E2S UPPA grants announced

The E2S UPPA project offers merit-based scholarships to 3rd-year (L3), 4th-year and 5-year (Master) students in the fields of Energy and the Environment.

View the list of 2021-2022 scholarship recipients (updated 10/28/2021)

The Energy and Environment Solutions initiative (E2S UPPA) is a substantial, multi-year growth plan which focuses on problem-oriented, inter-disciplinary and transverse research in Energy and Environment. It also concentrates on both industry partnerships and high visibility in leading academic journals.

To identify, attract or retain the most promising students, a “Talents’ Academy” has been created. Its goal is to make gifted students benefit from an allowance so that they can better focus on studying. The allowance amount is ­€6,000 in L3;  €8,000 in Master 1 and Master 2.

One of E2S UPPA objectives being international attractiveness and visibility, foreign applications are examined with great interest.

Targeted courses are:

  • Petroleum Engineering;
  • Science of Materials and Engineering;
  • Chemistry and Life Sciences;
  • Applied Mathematics;
  • Computer Science;
  • Sciences and Technology for Agriculture, Food and Environment;
  • Electronics, Electric Energy, Automatism;
  • Geography, Planning, Environment and Development;
  • Public Law;
  • Civil Engineering;
  • Simulation and Optimization of Energy Systems;
  • Applied Economics;
  • European and International Business Studies;
  • Ecological and Digital Transitions (Sociology).