Health and Safety

Health and Safety

Safety is everyone’s responsibility, so we all should be vigilant about keeping ourselves and others safe.

Pau's campus: safety post

Call the 06 59 011 011 : Monday through Friday from 7:45 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and Saturday from 7:45 a.m. to 12:45 a.m.

Outside these schedules, call directly emergencies to 911.

Access to the campuses

Certain entry points to university premises may be equipped with barriers, bollards or gantries limiting the height of vehicles. Be careful!

Traffic and parking

Traffic and parking on the campuses are subject to the same rules as on public roads. 
Drivers must obey road signs and be responsible for their vehicles in all circumstances. If there is an accident, the person using the vehicle is responsible. 
Cars or bikes must be parked in the car parks or bike racks provided. If a vehicle is parked in a prohibited area, emergency vehicle access zone, pedestrian crossing, passageway or space reserved for disabled parking, or on a lawn, the driver is liable to be fined and/or the car may be taken away without warning by the impound services.

Defibrillators on the campuses

  • 1 at Bayonne, at the BU (library), Basque Coast section – Nive Campus,
  • 1 at Anglet, in the science and technology faculty building – Montaury Campus,
  • 1 at Mont-de-Marsan, at the Adour Region IUT,
  • 1 at Tarbes, in the STAPS department,
  • 5 at Pau: in the sports hall, the presidency building and in the main buildings of three faculties: law, economics and management; science and technology; French and Classics, foreign languages and humanities.

Evacuation of buildings 

 If an alarm signal is sounded, service users must leave the building concerned immediately and in an orderly manner, under the authority of the personnel whose responsibility it is to oversee the evacuation.
Obligatory evacuation drills will be held to help you respond appropriately.


It is strictly forbidden to smoke inside the university buildings, electronic smoke too.

Organisation of events and evenings

Any fresher event involving initiation rituals is strictly forbidden and liable to criminal sanctions and disciplinary measures. Anyone organising a student evening or cultural, social or humanitarian welcome event in the name of the university is required to submit to the UPPA president, at least two weeks before the planned date, a brief description based on the statement template provided by the administration.

Vigipirate (antiterrorist) plan

Security and vigilance measures have been increased as a result of the current international situation. We must all be vigilant. The university authorities must be notified immediately of any situation likely to endanger the security of people or property.

Individual safety protection

During activities provided by the university (teaching, research, sport, outdoor pursuits), students have a duty to wear the required personal protective equipment (overalls, safety glasses/goggles, suitable protective gloves, harness, etc.).

Environmental conservation 

Respect for the environment is a key concern of the university.
To protect our surroundings and maintain a pleasant living environment, please use the waste management equipment provided (recycling bins, containers for chemical waste, etc.). Please also switch off lights before leaving buildings and close the windows when the heating is on during the cold months.

Rules of procedure

The health and safety section of the University’s Rules of Procedure sets out the general rules of health, safety and environmental conservation that apply to everyone. This document is displayed in every faculty and can also be consulted on the UPPA website.