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University of Pau and Pays de l'Adour (UPPA)


    • CAPAS-Cité: a cross-border center to promote physical exercise

      The MEPS (Movement, Balance, Performance, Health), a UPPA’s laboratory in Tarbes, is spearheading the CAPAS-Cité cross-border project to promote physical exercise.
      To stay healthy, the WHO recommends...

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    • The Kerguelen Islands: where carnivorous fish digest carbohydrates

      Two laboratories of the INRA at Saint-Pée-sur-Nivelle, NuMéA and Ecobiop, have shown that the trout of the Kerguelen Islands can digest and metabolize carbohydrates. Quite a surprising feature in a fish...

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The Business Analytics Summer SchoolBayonne - Campus on the French Basque coast

The IAE Pau-Bayonne and The Business Analytics Institute will again be offering a 10-day Summer School from July 2nd to 11th 2018 on our seaside campus on the French Basque coast for upper-and postgraduate students on the foundations of data science and heurisics.

This unique summer session provides to the participants with a solid understanding of the practice of analytics – how to :

  • Evaluate the data at hand,
  • Apply the appropriate methodologies to specific types of professional challenges, transform data into collective action.

This year’s session will highlight the applications of analytics in the fields of health and well-being.

Our professors and experts will help participants focus on best practices of work in the digital age, managerial decision-making, machine learning, community management and visual communications. Upon successful completion of this session, students will earn 4 ECTS from our University.

Video descriptions of the school, courses, social activities, and testimonials can be found on our YouTube channel and social media.

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