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University of Pau and Pays de l’Adour (UPPA)


    • Four Carnot Institutes launch Extra&Co to help develop the Extractive and Primary Processing Industries (IEPT)

      The Carnot Institutes, technology-based growth centres
      The Carnot Institutes are public research bodies, certified by the Ministry responsible for research after a highly selective application process...

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Round table of the Research Federation Aquatique Environments and Resources (Milieux et ressources aquatiques – MIRA) Anglet UFR Science and Technology

Round table of the Research Federation “Aquatique Environments and Resources” (Milieux et ressources aquatiques – MIRA), From the spring to the shore: scientific research serving in favor of water and the environment, Thursday, December 8th, 2016 (9:00-12:30) on the Montaury campus in Anglet  (IUT amphitheatre).

The event aims to:

  • Present the MIRA Federation, its research orientations and its expertise;
  • Create a positive dynamic between research institutions, local government and local businesses on the topic of aquatic resources and environments in order to better meet tomorrow’s environmental challenges.
  • Demonstrate that cooperation in this area between academic researchers and members of the business community can be a truly positive force for competivity.

Are you are a professional involved in water and the environment?

Are you interested in the scientific and technological evolution of these themes?

Do you wish to develop the social dimension of society’s use of the environment?


Join the experts and exchange views with them around three topics:

  • The impacts of climate change
  • Methodological progress
  • Social acceptability of environmental projects


Contact : Barbara Houzelot, 05 59 57 41 87 . 06 65 43 84 64
barbara.houzelot @ univ-pau.fr